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Membership Benefits

The Surrey Rifle Association offers a wide range of benefits to our members, including the following:


Shooting opportunities :~

  • Take part or compete in club and association shooting events

  • Participate in competitive team events, gaining valuable knowledge and experience

  • Home Office approved club - requirement for Firearm Certificate (FAC)


Access to facilities & equipment :~

  • Surrey clubhouse facilities at all shooting meetings throughout the year

  • Secure firearm storage & gunroom access (temperature controlled all year)

  • The ability to use club shooting equipment and rifles

  • Food & beverages available at all club events

  • Access to re-loading facilities in a safe & controlled environment

  • Access to electronic training equipment (SCATT)


Training & Knowledge :~

  • Support through the probabtionary members' process

  • Club-managed probationary membership period (a managed competency programme)

  • The ability to improve your skill level (shooting, coaching, wind-reading)

  • Ammunition re-loading course

  • Electronic training analysis (SCATT)

The iconic clock tower at Bisley

We are fortunate and priveledged to count some of the world's most successful and accomplished marksmen and markswomen amongst our members. This certainly helps to foster a healthy competitive environment in which to improve one's tecnique and skills, but more importantly enables us to offer our members, particularly those coming through the schools, cadets and age-group categories, an immense opportunity to enjoy the sport, and very likely to improve along the way!


Do you fancy having your shooting position, technique and hold analysed using SCATT by a Queen's Medal and double Grand Aggregate winner? At The Surrey this is possible (even if somewhat daunting).


As an Association, we offer affiliated membership to clubs and associations throughout the United Kingdom and abroad, meaning that The Surrey is the home to a wide number of clubs. If you are a school, cadet or alumni shooting club wanting a base from which to operate at Bisley, please contact us.


Some examples of (and links to) our associated clubs & organisations are included below:

Image from SCATT electronic training system

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